Tunes intro

This is a listing of tunes that I remember that I know.

It doesn’t include all those session tunes that I only remember when someone else starts them, or all those tunes that I’ve forgotten I know. I’ve also decided to severely curtail the “other” section as it would include just about every song tune I’ve ever heard :-D

This sort of list could be made by most experienced folk or traditional musicians.

It’s a structured listing, but that is an evolving process, as is putting in notes and posting recordings of each tune or least links to other people playing them.

This is mostly a resource to help me and band/session members I play with, but others may eventually find it useful or interesting. We should always try to share these folk dance tunes.

To those interested, the list is kept in Emacs org-mode (like the rest of this website) and which is exported into the Hugo publishing system.